Policies & Guidelines

One Room Learning exists as a cooperative learning experience for homeschooling families. To function well, ORL requires all parents and students to abide by specific policies and guidelines. Signing a statement of agreement is a part of the registration process.

One Room Learning Policies

  1. One Room Learning is not formally affiliated with any religious denomination, nor has a denominational requirement for students. However, One Room Learning tutors are unashamedly Christian, teach from a Christian worldview and will reference the Bible as the inerrant Word of God in the classroom.
  2. One Room Learning recognizes that we live in a time of gender redefinition. In light of that reality, all One Room tutors will refer to students by their biological gender as determined at birth using the terms “boys, gentlemen, he, his, & him” to refer to biologically male students only and “girls, ladies, she, & her” to refer to biologically female students only.
  3. One Room Learning is a cooperative between homeschooling parents and One Room tutors. Parents are ultimately responsible for the home education of their children and for fulfilling all legal requirements for homeschooling in the state in which they reside. 
  4. In order to protect the livelihood of One Room tutors and the investment of One Room parents as well as uphold the integrity upon which One Room was founded, any payment more than three months delinquent without contact and approved cause will result in the expulsion of students in question and overdue accounts being sent to collections. Should a late payment become necessary for your family please speak to a One Room tutor about the concern promptly.

One Room Learning Class Guidelines

  1. Students at One Room Learning are expected to arrive promptly no later than five minutes before a class session. Participation in class counts is included in final grades and a tardy arrival will be counted as an absence. Students are also expected to arrive in class with all supplies, books, and homework needed.
  2. One Room Learning thrives in a controlled, high-energy environment. Conflicts between students are bound to occur and will be handled with gentleness and firmness. One Room tutors reserve the privilege to ask disruptive students to excuse themselves from the room and will inform parents promptly of any unusual issues in the classroom.
  3. All open class group meetings will require the presence of at least one class parent to help with classroom orderliness at every meeting. Parents are encouraged to sign up for dates that are convenient to their schedule. Parental participation in this way is a requirement of enrollment.
  4. One Room Learning has a strict zero-tolerance policy toward bullying, disrespect, and dishonesty. Students whose words or actions break this policy may be removed from the classroom and parents will be informed promptly. ORL administration reserves the right to expel any student who is unwilling or unable to treat classmates and tutors in a kind and respectful manner.