English Grammar and Literature

The study of English Grammar and Literature includes reading, writing, spelling, and vocabulary. One Room students complete writing projects every day and participate in a month long fiction writing challenge every year. Older students discover classic literature that guides research, discussion and writing, while elementary students benefit from the excellent approach to English learning found in Shurley Grammar.

  • Grammar Cheat Sheet
  • Shurley Grammar
Writing Core
  • Sentence structure, paragraph structure, essay structure
  • Literature Discussion
  • Responsive Writing
  • Research
Creative Writing
  • National Novel Writing Month
Spelling & Vocabulary
  • Progeny Press Literature Guides
  • Spelling from Latin Roots
  • Shurley Grammar
  • Progeny Press Literature Guides for Tolkien’s classic Lord of the Rings trilogy
  • Progeny Press Literature Guides for Lewis’ classic Chronicles of Narnia