One Room Learning uses three primary math curriculums suplimented by one-on-one tutoring sessions for tricky topics. All One Room students participate in math placement testing at the beginning of every school year.

Teaching Textbooks

Teaching Textbooks is used a core curriculum for those who need specific courses to meet graduation requirements in the State of Florida. Highschool students work on computers and in textbooks to complete Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry. Teaching Textbook is also available for level 2-7 and Pre-Algebra whenever younger students seems particularly suited to that curriculum.

Math Mammoth

Math Mammoth is a mastery based math system designed to fill holes left in student’s knowledge while providing a solid foundation for upper level maths. The program focuses on real world use and word problems, two of the most pominent areas of struggle for students. Math Mammoth is the primary math used for those in grades 3-9, and provides additional help for those in upper maths.

Saxon Math

Saxon Math has stood the test of time through the preceeding generations of home schooling. The lower levels of Saxon are particularly strong for young students, providing generous repetition and a focus on memorization of basic math facts. Saxon Math is only used by the first and second grade in One Room.


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