Modern World History and Geography

ORLWorldHisInformation on Fees and Registration can be found here. Registration for this class opens on July 16, 2018 and is capped at 10 students.


This 32-week class will cover the major themes of world history from the era of revolutions through the present. A focus on biographies of significant historical figures, mapping of major battles, the influence of concurrent events, changes in world geography, and the evidence of God’s design throughout world history will form the backbone of this study. Geography will include all countries and capitals, along with major landmarks, rivers, lakes, and mountain ranges of the seven continents.


Modern World History and Geography students should have a basic knowledge of

  • major historical events of the period such as the American Revolution, the World Wars, and the Cold War
  • the continents and oceans
  • the location of the major countries such as China, India, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, the United States, Great Britan, Germany, France Egypt, South Africa, and Kenya

Students must also be able to

  • read academic articles at a high school level
  • summarize readings in writing
  • complete basic online research
  • access library books

Required Supplies

  • 1-inch three-ring binder with seven dividers labeled for the seven continents
  • computer or tablet with internet access, a word processor (or access to Google Docs online) and the Educreation app (available for free)
  • notebook
  • index cards
  • an atlas

Required Books – coming soon

Schedule (subject to change)

Modern World History and Geography will be offered online with biweekly in-class discussion sessions. To receive high-school credit for this course, a student must complete 4 hours of coursework per week.

Weekly Topics

  1. Culture Prepares for Revolution (part 1)/European Geography
  2. Culture Prepares for Revolution (part 2)/European Geography
  3. The American Revolution/European Geography
  4. The French Revolution/European Geography
  5. Expansion and Ideology/European Geography
  6. Mexican Independence and the War of 1812/North & Central American Geography
  7. Waterloo and Greek Independence/North & Central American Geography
  8. North America in the 1820-30’s/African Geography
  9. African Exploration and Cultures/African Geography
  10. Conflict of Changing Ideas/African Geography
  11. Taiping, Crimea, and Cambodia/African Geography
  12. The Rise of Evolution and the American Civil War/African Geography
  13. Rule Around the World/Asian Geography
  14. Asian Culture and Conflict/Asian Geography
  15. Culture Prepares for World War (part 1)/Asian Geography
  16. Culture Prepares for World War (part 2)/Asian Geography
  17. World War I/Asian Geography
  18. Leaders and Ideas (part 1)/Antartic Geography
  19. Leaders and Ideas (part 2)/Antartic Geography
  20. Hitler and the Holocaust/Geography of Oceana
  21. World War II (part 1)/Geography of Oceana
  22. World War II (part 2)/Geography of Oceana
  23. The Cold War Begins/South American Geography
  24. New Countries/South American Geography
  25. American Concerns (part 1)/South American Geography
  26. American Concerns (part 2)/South American Geography
  27. American Concerns (part 3)/South American Geography
  28. Issues in the Middle East/Middle Eastern Geography
  29. The End of the Cold War and Collapse of the USSR/Middle Eastern Geography
  30. World Shifts (Asia, Africa, and Europe)/Middle Eastern Geography
  31. The Global War on Terror
  32. The End of History