Grammar & Composition – Upper Level


Information on Fees and Registration can be found here. Registration for this class opens on July 16, 2018, and is capped at 10 students.


This 32-week class will provide a complete English course including writing, grammar, literature, and spelling. Grammar studies will focus on writing clarity and style, essay structure, and research writing while challenging students to honor God in their use of language. Literature will include assigned books and student selections, along with a section focused on poetry.


Grammar and Composition-Level 2 students should be comfortable with

  • the seven parts of speech
  • basic punctuation and capitalization rules
  • academic reading
  • basic research and source evaluation

Required Supplies

  • 1-inch three-ring binder with four dividers labeled Spelling, Essays, Research and Literature
  • computer or tablet with internet access, a word processor (or access to Google Docs online) and the Educreation app (available for free)
  • notebook
  • index cards
  • access to a library

Required Books

  • The Lively Art of Writing by Lucile Vaughan Payne (available online from Amazon or Thriftbooks)
  • Woe is I (Updated Third Edition) by Patricia T. O’Conner (available online from Amazon or Thriftbooks)
  • Literature books -TBA

Schedule – coming soon

Grammar and Composition-Level 2 will be offered online with biweekly in-class sessions. Students must complete 4 hours of coursework per week to receive high-school credit.

Written Assignments

  • Persuasive Essay
  • Opinion Essay
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Research Paper
  • Reading Responses
  • Book Reports