Courses and Curriculum

ORL is excited to unveil our individual courses for the 2018-19 school year. Find additional information about curriculum, grade level, schedule, and supplies on the individual course pages.


  • Modern World History and Geography
    • Focus on World Geography continent by continent
    • Covers the age of revolutions through modern times
    • Incorporates art, music, food, language, and other cultural markers
  • Government & Civics
    • Overview of American Government structure and systems
    • Focus on international politics and diplomacy
    • Discussion driven by in-depth academic readings and cultural commentary through viewing the key movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

English Grammar and Literature

  • Grammar & Composition- Level 1
    • Focus on sentence and paragraph structure
    • Includes creative and persuasive writing
    • Incorporates literature, poetry, and editing practice
  • Grammar & Composition-Level 2
    • Overview of common style difficulties
    • Focus on academic and persuasive writing
    • Incorporates research, literature, and resume construction