Mrs. Becca

One Room is the best!! You learn and have fun at the same time! Mrs. Becca
is a genius at science and math!
~ Melany A., 9th Grade

Rebecca Sissons is the upper sciences and math tutor at One Room Learning. She was homeschooled through high-school, and graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2009 having studied Chemistry and Piano Pedagogy. Throughout college, Rebecca tutored advanced maths and sciences for fellow university students and worked in the FGCU biochemistry lab on a grant project funded by the Department of Defense. She continued her work in the lab after graduation, then moved to Indonesia in 2010. While in the Pacific Rim, Rebecca taught English as a second language and tutored an American high-schooler in Biology, Geometry and Chemistry. Back in the States a year later, she resumed her work in the FGCU lab, began teaching private piano students, and became a much-sought-after AP chemistry tutor in the Lee County area. Rebecca loves to play and coach basketball, compose and perform on the piano, spend time with her husband, Brad, and be Mommy to her boys, Liam, Jason and one due late in 2016. She serves in several capacities at her local church and enjoys passing on her love of math and science to kids of all ages.