Hold on! All the grades in one room?

Exactly. A one-room environment provides a unique and challenging educational atmosphere for One Room students, and One Room teachers have several years experience in teaching multiple academic levels at one time.

Is this legal?

Yes. Home educating parents must still fulfill the requirements for homeschooling in Florida (registration with the school board or under an umbrella school), but there are no additional requirements for participation in One Room Learning.

What about High School?

One Room Learning will provide the core subjects required for high school graduation in Florida. One Room teachers are very familiar with the Florida Department of Education requirements and are available to assist parents and students in completing any additional course work.

Does One Room offer extracurricular activities, such as sports?

One Room Learning does not offer any extracurricular activities outside of their elective courses. One Room has a close relationship with coaches from the Lee County Homeschool Sports Association and teachers are happy to discuss sports options with interested students.

Can One Room students just come for two of the three days, at a lowered cost?

At this time, One Room Learning does not offer a program with only two days in the one room learning environment. If there are financial difficulties, please see the One Room Director.

What if a student misses a day?

One Room Learning is designed with family schedules in mind. If something comes up and a student must be absent, parents are encouraged to facilitate ongoing learning at home.

Do students need to provide their own textbooks?

No. One Room Learning will provide all core textbooks to students. Additional reading books can be borrowed from the library or purchased if desired.

Is every class an “automatic A” for each student?

No. One Room Learning teachers are committed to working with each student to individually succeed in every academic area. Grades, while not strongly emphasized, are used as a measure of students’ abilities and will vary accordingly. However, because of the specialized and individualized learning offered by One Room Learning, all students will have the best opportunity to earn an A grade.

How can parents access grade reports?

One Room teachers will help parents get set up with Class Dojo accounts via email for quick communication about academics and behavior. Grade reports will be emailed whenever parents request them, or within a few weeks of the end of each semester. If any concerns over academics arises, One Room teachers will contact parents.

Do parents need to have specific training to teach One Room curriculum?

No. One Room Learning utilizes common homeschooling curriculum that is designed for ease of teaching. However, parents are welcome to contact One Room teachers with questions.

Can One Room students withdraw and receive a tuition refund?

One Room Learning is committed to working with every student and family to find a path to academic success. However, the One Room Learning program is designed to create an interdependent learning environment with a limited number of students. Withdrawal will effect not only those leaving the program, but those who remain. Should withdrawal become necessary, parents should meet with the One Room Director to discuss options.