A Week at One Room

While most educational programs for homeschooling families meet on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday full day schedule, One Room simplifies the week and condenses the time frame by meeting for just over four hours,  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Scheduling for the rest of the week is solely at the discretion of parents, allowing families to plan academics around the rest of their lives.

Each of the three “in class” days begins at 9:00am and ends at 1:15. During those hours, One Room students will aggressively pursue their academic studies, seeking to redeem each moment. Because of this, they will enjoy having little to no homework to be completed after One Room hours. When homework is assigned, it will typically be things a student can easily tackle independently, or with minimal direction. Rather than spend extra time on homework, One Room students are encouraged to pursue extracurricular activities and hobbies, participate in family life and work, and spend as much time as possible reading.

Lesson plans and assignments for the rest of the week are provided to parents by One Room teachers. These assignments are designed for flexibility and parents are given all the resources they need for a successful conclusion to the homeschooling week.