About One Room

The One Room Learning Educational Experience

Welcome to an exciting educational opportunity for homeschool students in the Southwest Florida area. First opening its doors in the Fall of 2013, One Room Learning provides a place for students at all levels to study together in a challenging integrated program, personalized for individual learners.

Meg1RThe educational experience at One Room Learning is structured around three of the most important benefits of more traditional homeschooling: flexibility, self-education and interdependent study.

An emphasis on family relationships fuels the focus on flexibility, and One Room Learning allows homeschooling families to maintain their diverse schedules while still enjoying the opportunities that come with participation in a classroom. Following a unique split-week learning plan, One Room student members are able to enjoy a program of study that is self-paced, integrates with family life and leaves them without the worry of “getting behind.”

One Room Learning is intentionally counter-cultural and focused on equipping homeschool students to be self-educating life-long learners, while allowing them to work alongside others in interdependent study. With the dawn of the information age, tomorrow’s leaders must be innovative thinkers, rabid readers, prolific writers and able to interact beyond their peer group. The One Room environment is an incubator for developing those traits through research and service projects, extensive reading and writing, peer-review, student mentoring and collaborative study. Students are encouraged to pursue their interests within various academic disciplines, and have opportunities to pass along their educational discoveries to others.

In addition to flexibility, self-education and interdependent learning, One Room students develop skills in accessing, synthesizing and using the wealth of information available to today’s learner. Through E-textbooks, computer learning programs, library use and guided internet research, students learn to make the most of the information surrounding them as well as use technology wisely.

At One Room Learning, traditional testing is keptfullgroup1R to a minimum. Students learn to remember and use information in various academic disciplines through games, journaling, class discussions and oral or written assessments. One Room Learning students are challenged to develop critical thinking skills, make and learn from mistakes, and welcome correction without focusing on academic failure. Courses are engaging, rigorous and push students to work their hardest to develop their understanding of the subject matter, enjoy learning, and glorify God with their minds.